Every human life is sacred and worthy of love

Will you join us in encouraging and challenging Canadians to affirm life's value?

Canadians today are divided on what they consider is a life worth fighting for and what is discardable, when life has value and when it doesn’t.

At Focus on the Family Canada, we believe that a life, no matter what stage of development, no matter what age, no matter what physical or mental condition – a human life, no matter what – has value and is worthy of love.

That’s why we want to do everything we can to help vulnerable, at-risk children make it into this world and into the arms of loving families. We strongly believe that we’re called to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8)

Your donation helps us get the message out to Canadians that life is sacred and worthy of love. Please donate today.

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Focus on the Family Canada is unable to accept, process or receipt donations for the direct support of Pastor Lee or his work in South Korea.

Your donation today will:

  • Encourage and challenge our culture through the power of stories like Pastor Lee’s in the film, The Drop Box.
  • Bring awareness to the 30,000 adoptable kids in Canada who are waiting for their forever families through our Waitingtobelong.ca initiative.
  • Offer training for families adopting through the foster care system and provide resources to equip parents of adopted children.
  • Provide life-affirming client resources to pregnancy care centres across Canada to assist women as they make decisions about unplanned pregnancies.
  • Dispel cultural myths about unborn children as “pregnancy tissue” or “products of conception” through our Hope for Life initiative.
  • Affirm that every human life is created by God in His image in all that we do.