Sharing your story

How did the Drop Box film impact you? Tell us your story about how you've been inspired to make a difference in your community!

Record your story with a webcam or smartphone. Then, send us your video in just a few simple steps.
We'll review every video and post them on our website to inspire others.

  1. Go to It's free! (Skip any welcome screens or paid membership promotions)
  2. Click "Add files" and choose your video that you saved on your computer.
  3. Type "[email protected]" in the "Friend's email" box.
  4. Type your own email address in the "Your email" box.
  5. Leave us a message with your name.
  6. Click "Transfer" and your video will be sent to us!

Alternatively, you can also upload your video to any video-sharing platform, such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and more. Make sure it's set to be shared publically so we can watch it! Then, send us a link to your video with the form below.

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