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In 2009, Lee Jong-rak, pastor of the Jusarang Community Church in Seoul, South Korea, installed a drop box in the outer wall of his home to provide a safe place for babies who would otherwise be left to die on the streets. Since then, he has saved hundreds of babies’ lives and adopted, as his own, many who would have perished.

Two years after the drop box was built, Brian Ivie was reading through the Los Angeles Times and came across an article titled, “South Korean pastor tends an unwanted flock.” After reading the article, Brian knew he had to find a way to share Pastor Lee’s story.

Six months after reading the article, Brian Ivie and his production team from Arbella Studios headed to Seoul, South Korea, to live with Pastor Lee and film his story.

Brian Ivie's Story

Brian Ivie's story

When Brian and his team arrived in Pastor Lee’s orphanage in South Korea, Brian thought he knew the story that needed to be told. But as a young, non-Christian man, he had no idea he was about to tell one of the most heart-rending stories of God’s unconditional love.

And he had no idea how God was going to use this film to change his own heart.

As Brian says, “I thought I was just going there to make a movie about saving Korean babies, but I had no idea that God was going to save me.”

In this interview, Brian explains the process of going from reading about Pastor Lee in the newspaper to understanding – and being transformed by – the love of Christ. Watch the full interview to learn more!

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About Focus on the Family Canada and Kindred Image

About Focus on the Family Canada and Kindred Image

Two years and four visits after their initial trip to Seoul, South Korea, Brian and his team created Kindred Image, a non-profit started to support and continue the work of Pastor Lee. And in 2013, through God’s divine guidance, members of the Focus on the Family team who were completing Irreplaceable in Los Angeles met Brian, who was there looking for a means of sharing Pastor Lee’s powerful story with the world.

Both Focus and Kindred Image share a passion for the sanctity of human life and a mutual commitment to raising awareness of the plight of orphans worldwide.

Here at Focus on the Family Canada, we strongly believe that we’re called to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) and we believe that every life is created by God in His image. Therefore every life – no matter what age, stage of development, or physical or mental condition – has value, is worthy of love and has been placed on earth for a purpose.

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